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Little Lunch Triple the Treats

by Danny Katz

Three hilarious stories from the ABC3 smash-hit television series Little Lunch

Rory forgot his playlunch and did something that shocked everyone, Battie freaked out because he thought he'd ruined Grandparents Day, and Melanie held a cake stall to help homeless puppies, but it didn't really help anyone!  A lot can happen in fifteen minutes.



    Triple Snack Pack  The old climbing tree was going to get cut down and Battie wasn't happy about it, Max and Elsa disappeared and everybody tried to solve the mystery, and a Grade six girl asked Rory out.  A lot can happen in fifteen minutes!


    Triple the Trouble   Debra-Jo began acting very weird after a mysterious truck arrived at school,Rory was put in charge of class when playlunch was rained out, and Tamara Noodle started a game of kiss-chasey just so she could chase and kiss Battie. A LOT can happen in fifteen minutes!